Sunday, October 16, 2016

Dukes of Hazard

Did you grow up watching the Dukes of Hazard? On Saturday Mike, Retha, Bob, and I drove to see a local icon.
 Cooter's Museum, home of the Dukes of Hazard Museum and the car, General Robert E. Lee.
Of course, because the filming studio's stunt drivers went through cars like potato chips, this is just one of the many cars used in the show, but it was neat to see anyway. Inside the museum we saw cases filled with many toys associated with the show.

They also had on display some of the other iconic vehicles. A little slice of history!

Next door is the Willie Nelson Museum which we also visited. It's really more of a gift shop but it was fun to walk around and see all the chotchkes.

In the evening we enjoyed a yummy spaghetti dinner with Mike and Retha, and we decided that Sunday will be a day of preparation for our trip on Monday. Bob and I will be heading to Memphis, while Mike and Retha go to Alabama. It has been a very fun week and we will be sad to part with our friends. But I know that we will meet up again down the road!

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