Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid

According to Bass Pro Shops, the Pyramid in Memphis is a ..."national destination experience." Wow! A sporting goods store that is a destination experience? Let's go!
Easily visible from the highway, the Pyramid in Memphis is a 535,000 square-foot structure that includes a wilderness hotel called Big Cypress Lodge, over a half a million gallons of water features, a cypress swamp with 100 foot tall trees, an alligator habitat with live occupants, and over 1,800 fish in huge aquarium tanks. Plus a Ducks Unlimited Waterfowling Heritage Center, restaurants, a 13 lane bowling alley, a gun center, arcade shooting gallery, archery and pistol range, and the world's largest freestanding glass elevator with observation deck.
We entered the Pyramid and were immediately impressed by a huge stone fireplace surrounded by murals.
The Big Cypress Lodge was to the right.
The Pyramid is like a small city, with water features and bridges. Shops can be seen in the background, with tall cyprus trees.
Huge bass swim in the ponds.
 Bob and I entered a contest, with the grand prize being $25,000. We decided that if we win the grand prize we will buy this flat-bottomed party barge. At just $23,897 it's a steal!
We saw large tanks of fish, with some of the fish being three feet long.
 Like the Cabelas we have visited (and as an F.Y.I., Cabelas has just been purchased by Bass Pro Shops) there were lots of stuffed animals to see.
To ride on the elevator there is a $10 pp fee. We decided to skip that and look at it from the ground.

Wow! This place is really something! I'm not sure it would qualify for me as a destination vacation, but I'm glad we saw it. 

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