Monday, October 31, 2016

Road Runners and a New Band

We have moved on from Livingston, TX to the Temple, TX a reason that Bob and I can visit my sister, Gail, and family. The view from our campsite is lovely.

This little roadrunner stopped in to say "hi." He was pretty bold and hung around for a while.

In my last post I wrote, as you may recall, about weaving a sample band using my Sigga heddle from Stoorstalka.  I wasn't really that happy with how it was coming out, though, so I scrapped that one and started another one.  That's the joy of weaving--it's only yarn and if you don't love a project, get it off the loom and move on.

This band uses two bold colors for the blocks of floats (something I've decided is a necessity,) and is being woven with 5/2 cotton rather than 3/2. As a result, the band is a little narrower, the colors work better, and I am quite happy with it. I've also learned that the weave structure of the background threads is not like that of an inkle-woven band. The weft threads do show a bit. So choosing a weft that looks good is important. Here is my new band.
The weaving on this type of band goes fairly quickly. Here is a link to Susan Foulkes weaving a similar band, for those of you who are interested.

This afternoon we look forward to getting together with my sister and her husband as well as my niece and her family. 

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