Sunday, October 23, 2016

Little Rock, Arkansas

It was an easy drive from West Memphis, AR to our next campground in Little Rock. Now, I have a confession to make. I was raised in New England, and I'm pretty frugal. Some might even say, cheap. I typically try and find the best deal I can when I look for campgrounds. So when I made this reservation, I could have saved quite a bit of money by using Passport America and taking a campsite in the back row. Yet, uncharacteristically I chose a site on the banks of the Arkansas River, and am I ever glad I did. Just look at our view here.
We can see the pedestrian bridge and the Clinton Library from our front window.
At night the lights of Little Rock are on display for us.
And in the morning the sunrise makes me happy to be up.

On the negative side, the constant traffic sounds from the bridge you see in the bottom two photos are ever-present here. If we were not on the river bank the noise might bother me; this campground is pretty much just a parking lot. But it's worth being here at the site we have.

This morning Bob and I drove to the Old Mill at T. R. Pugh Memorial Park. The Old Mill is a replica of a grist mill that was typical of ones used by Arkansas pioneers in the 1800s. This mill appeared in the opening credits of the 1939 movie, Gone With the Wind, and it was a lovely place to walk around.

I seem to have caught a fairy in my photo. Some children, dressed in costumes, were hanging out by the mill.
A bridge next to the mill was built to look like a natural stone arch, and features branches fashioned from concrete that appear to grow from the structure.  What a magical place.

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