Friday, May 26, 2017

Great Lakes Fiber Festival

We have been moving pretty quickly across Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio over the last couple of days, stopping only in Lafayette, IN for a night. We arrived in Wooster, OH on Thursday afternoon, checked in, drove to our site, and promptly became mired in the mud. It's been raining a lot here! It looks like we'll need to call CoachNet, our towing company, to pull us back onto solid ground before we leave, but we aren't sweating it. That's what they are there for, and we are where we want to be for the next several days.

The fiber show doesn't officially open until tomorrow morning. So today Bob and I drove to Lehman's, about 20 minutes away. Have you heard of this place? My friend, April, told us about it when we came through here two years ago, but at the time we didn't have a chance to go. All I can say is, this is one cool store.

Mere words cannot describe this place. It has room after room after room of interesting things. Things for your kitchen, for your workshop, for outdoor use, toys, soap making supplies, bread making supplies, natural remedies, crocks for making sauerkraut, soap nuts for the laundry, and so much more. This place caters to the Amish, with non-electrical tools and gadgets. We had a lot of fun wandering through this place, and you don't want to go if time is limited. Look at the kitchen appliances you can buy here:

And this ginormous charcoal grill. Perfect if you have fifteen children!

Some items were whimsical, like this dog's drinking bowl, a scaled-down toilet.

What pooch doesn't dream of that!

On our way back to the campsite we went into the Everything Rubbermaid store. Four floors of every item Rubbermaid makes. We found a new dish drainer and a rubber spatula before having a nice conversation with the cashier about visiting Waco, TX.

We walked through the vendor area at the Fiber Fest when we returned. People are still setting up.

Tomorrow, though, this barn and two more will be jam packed full of yarn, fiber, spindles, needles, spinning wheels, looms, and people. I cannot wait! I did have a chance to spin on a Louet Hatbox wheel that is for sale, but I love my Ashford Joy so I'm sticking with what I have.

Stay tuned for more about the Fiber Fest...

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