Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday at the Fiber Fest

Today was a bit more relaxed than Saturday. Although we had a lot of clouds, the rain held off, with threatening weather having kept some people home. Bob and I roamed the Fiber Festival and had a chance to chat with a lot of the vendors. I was able to spend some time hanging out with our friends Jen and Scott of TurtleMade, who make 3D spindles and fiber tools.

I first met Jen in person at this same event two years ago and we've been Ravelry friends ever since. These busy folks always have something new to share and lots of ideas for new items. If you are looking for a fun spindle for Tour de Fleece (a loosly organized spinning event that coincides with the Tour de France) you may want to check out their Etsy shop at, although give them a day or so to take a breath after this weekend and to restock their online store.

Bob spent much of the afternoon replacing a couple of LED ceiling lights and putting a light switch in my side of the closet. He's so handy, that hubby of mine. :)

Tomorrow we will get ourselves out of the mud and drive to Pennsylvania where we'll spend one more night before arriving in New Jersey. It will be so good to see the kids and grandkids again!

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