Thursday, May 11, 2017

Jim the Wonder Dog

Bob and I met a fellow from Marshall, MO a couple of years back, who told us a story about a dog who lived in his hometown almost 100 years ago. The dog reportedly could answer questions and make predictions. We knew that if we ever were near Marshal, we would visit this dog's museum. Today, we did.

Marshall is a small Missouri town that doesn't have a lot happening, and Jim was their one claim to fame. A young woman told us the story of this amazing dog before we wandered out into his memorial garden to pay our respects. Story cards around the walk explain about Jim's amazing life.

Since the museum was free, I purchased the Jim the Wonder Dog book to learn more about this amazing animal. It was a good read.

A statue of Jim is front and center in the garden...

...and a lovely bridge over a koi pond is nicely landscaped. It was a very peaceful setting.

The skies threatened rain but held back. Tomorrow is expected to be beautiful weather for our move to Osage Beach, MO.

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