Friday, May 12, 2017

Two New Tires

Sometimes things all fall into place, and sometimes they don't. We packed up today to head to our next destination and drove the wrong direction. So spying a business ahead with a large parking lot, Bob turned in to turn around. Suddenly the tire pressure monitor started alarming. Uh oh. We pulled over and we had not one but two flat tires on the front of the car. Bob had forgotten to take the car out of park and the wheels hadn't been turning.

The good thing about this mishap? If we hadn't been going in the wrong direction we would have been on a stretch of road with no shoulder and no way to turn around. As it was, we were in a commercial parking lot safe off the road. I like to look at the bright side.

So now we know what happens if we forget to put the car in neutral when being towed. I figure, we will probably make every mistake in the book once, anyway. I called our roadside assistance company, and after about an hour and a half a tow truck came. It loaded up the car onto the dolly and we followed it to WalMart. Where we waited for hours. At 5:00 Bob walked over to a nearby Applebees and picked up dinner for us. At least we were able to relax and eat in the comfort of our motorhome. Finally, around 6:00 the tires had been replaced and we returned to the campsite we'd stayed at for the last couple of nights. The manager was happy to see us back and we settled right in.

We'll try again tomorrow to leave here. I'm quite sure we'll have an uneventful trip.


  1. Ouch! Sorry about your tires. I did a similar thing about 4 years ago. Left our house heading to Gallup taking the back road to I-40 that goes out by Enchanted Trails. Decided at the last moment to detour into E.T. to fill top off propane tank. When I walked back to rear of coach I saw that I the steel branding showing on the two front tires on the toad. I had forgotten to unlock the steering column! They hadn't blown yet but same end result ...... two new tires before we could continue. Ron

    1. It's comforting to know that others have made similar mistakes (although I'm sorry that happened to you!)