Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bike Ride

On Friday evening we met at John and Kathy Huggins' site for a social hour, and enjoyed getting to know some new friends who will be joining us for the Living the RV Dream Gathering. What a nice bunch of folks. We learned about a dog park that as close enough to bicycle to, so on Saturday we decided to do just that.

It was a perfect morning for a bike ride. The skies were blue and it wasn't too warm to pedal. We made it to the park after a rather long ride (and some tricky spots to maneuver on a bike) but it was worth it. This park was probably the largest we've ever visited besides the dog park at the SKP park in Yuma, AZ, but it had the advantage of grass and a shady area to sit. Auggie had fun making new friends and chasing dogs around the large area. We met a woman there who told us she was an attorney for abused children. Tough job! She enjoyed hearing about our care free lifestyle, after telling us about a case she is working on involving this missing girl in the area. Very sad. That evening we saw the details of the story on the news. I don't think I could sleep if I had to deal with low life child abusers every day.

After the dog park we headed towards home and stopped at a thrift store. I found a toaster and a rolling pin that I needed. I. Sure I was quite a sight tootling down the road with a toaster on my bike! But I was all set in case I had a sudden toast craving.
Today we are going to see The Martian at the movie theater--can't wait!

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