Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fun Fun Fun

It has been pretty hectic around here, the last few days, as we make new friends and help out with the Gathering. On Monday I went over to the Clubhouse and joined a group of women for another craft session, and I finished weaving a quick scarf. I will post pics when I have had a chance to twist the fringe and wash it.

Monday evening Bob and I went out to dinner at Anna Maria's Oyster Bar and had a great time. There were thirteen of us and it was such fun.
The food was good (I had coconut shrimp and Bob had Yellowfin Tuna.) Both were excellent! And the onion straws were divine.

On Tuesday, Gathering activity started to ramp up. I spent a nice time helping with organizing materials and door prizes with the group, then the rest of the day was spent socializing with new friends. Rig after rig pulled in, including this one--a 2005 Airstream Sky-Top motor coach. It has a roof that opens up for parties!
When moving, the railings and seats disappear and the roofline is smooth. There's a stairway inside that leads up to the deck. I sure hope we get a chance to go up top.

The next few days are going to be jam packed with Gathering activities, so I will try to post when I can. Registration starts today and I can't wait!

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