Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Gathering, Day 3

Auggie is not enjoying this week at all. We leave him before 9:00 am, return for a walk at noon, leave for an afternoon workshop, return for a walk and to feed him his dinner, then leave for a few more hours. We hear him howling when we leave but it doesn't last. Poor lonely guy.

Yesterday we skipped the 8-9:00 coffee time, starting our day for the first workshop by John and Kathy on Workamping. That was followed by the Geeks with a good session on Google Photos before grabbing a slice of last night's pizza from the fridge for lunch and heading back to the pets. In the afternoon we attended a workshop on Wi-Fi by Eric Johnson, returned to the RV to bake some mini quiche bites for the evening's potluck, and had a great barbecue chicken potluck.

Bob and I each won books for door prizes. I got Terry Russell's excellent cookbook "Miss Terry's Kitchen" and Bob won an autographed copy of John and Kathy's "So You Want to be a Full-Time RVer?"

Our entertainment for the evening, Gid Pool, got his dates mixed up and arrived about an hour late, but put on a good show. The guy's 70 years old--I can understand forgetting what day it is!
Saturday is the last day of the Gathering, and again we have a full docket.

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