Thursday, October 15, 2015


One thing that I wish we had more of in our coach is electrical outlets. Since I spend a fair amount of time in the passenger chair, I like to have everything close at hand. I've been using an extension cord that snakes across our new cabinet, just to plug in my reading lamp. So today Bob finished up installing a new outlet next to my spot. Here it is:
He used the cord off of our old printer that was going to the dump. He then purchased an outlet box, cover plate, outlet, and wiremold to control and conceal the wire. Bob spray painted the wiremold and box black, then wired the outlet to the cord. He installed it so that the cord enters the entertainment center overhead through one of the vent openings. We can now plug in the GPS when riding down the road without having the cord stretch across the walkway to the door. And I can plug in my phone charger and my lamp from IKEA that sits in the cup holder that I never used.

Another quick improvement was to use Command Velcro strips to attach this little pen box to the wall under my window next to the chair. I can keep my reading glasses handy, too. This used to stick on our refrigerator but I like it here much better.
How about using mounting tape to hold a magnetic knife rack to the tile next to the sink? I found some 2# heavy duty mounting tape and a knife rack from Target--works great, even when bouncing down the road!

Two more improvements that we did early on, but I will include here, are the magnetic doorstop that we use to keep the bathroom door open for the cat to use the litter box...

...and the curtain I made for the bathroom window. For some reason, every other window has a privacy screen except the bathroom window, so one was needed to allow the window to be opened when desired. This is a piece of fabric from the bridal department of JoAnne Fabrics, and to hem it all you need is a pair of sharp scissors to cut carefully around the lace design, which gives you kind of a scalloped edge. The fabric was inexpensive, too.

So there you have it!

We have had a nice few days here. Bob went fishing with his friend, Brent, and brought back a sea trout for dinner. We grilled it that night and it was so good.

This morning Bob and I went to coffee hour at the clubhouse and sat with John and Kathy Huggins, having a nice time visiting and doing what RVers love to do: Sharing favorite places and eating!

Auggie's head is getting swelled by all the nice emails and phone calls about his story from earlier this week. Thanks to all for your kind comments!

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