Monday, October 26, 2015

Last Day of the Gathering

Sunday was the "good-bye day" of the Gathering, with coffee and doughnuts in the clubhouse. This photo is from Saturday evening.
We had such a great time chatting with folks and saying farewell. Afterwards Bob and I went to Peter and Judy's Airstream Sky Deck motorhome to check it out. It was way cool. Too bad they don't make these anymore. There were only 12 of this floor plan made.

Poor Auggie has been left alone in the motorhome every day for the last week, so Monday was his day. We brought him to Fort DeSoto Park, about 45 minutes north of Bradenton,  where they have a "Paws Beach."
This is the only beach we have been to where dogs are allowed to run on the beach off lead, providing they are under voice control. As a trained service dog, Auggie stays within a few feet of me at all times. Boy did he have fun making new friends!
He is not a fan of the water, but he didn't seem afraid of it at all. Auggie has been to a beach in Portsmouth, RI so this was not a totally new experience. I loved seeing all the dogs enjoying the day.

Unfortunately, there are also little pricker-type burrs that required me to pick them out from between the pads of his feet. Ouch!

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