Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Beignets and Bloody Marys

Oh what a day we had! After my morning bike ride Bob and I decided to take a walk along the Rosemary Trail at Gulf State Park. We had been told that there was a spot where a large alligator might be found. Unfortunately the temperatures were rising and we decided to turn back. My knees have been bothering me a lot more than usual lately, and walking hurts. But at least we got a nice walk on a beautiful morning.

Later we drove over to Bill's By The Beach for lunch. Our table was perfect, with a view of the sparkling Gulf waters. We had a great lunch and were waiting for our desserts to arrive when we saw a huge Bloody Mary being delivered to the woman at the next table. No lie, this thing was the most unusual drink I have ever seen, with all kinds of food stuck to it. Check it out.
Yep, that's a full sized burger, shrimp, bacon, sausage, cheese, and hot peppers in there with the fruit and celery. But I didn't spend too much time watching her because my beignets arrived.
They were hot and fresh, with gooey chocolate inside. Oh. My. Seriously good. I missed out on the beignets in Louisiana last fall so I was excited to see them offered here. They were worth the wait.

After lunch we drove to Orange Beach to check out the little museum in town.
I enjoyed the Indian artifacts they had on display, including many arrowheads that had been found in this area. Those who know me well know that one of my life's goals is to find my own arrowhead one day. I took a photo of the poster hanging there--who knew there were so many types of arrowheads?
Maybe one day I'll find one. 

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