Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cabinets Are In!

We have had a very slow week, with not much to talk about until today. We have been in the paint bay, which is as interesting as, well, watching paint dry. The techs were finishing painting the replacement piece around the tire that blew out last November, and it was finally done today at 9:00 am. Unfortunately, we had to sit around all day hoping to get our water heater looked at, but without success. I spent the day knitting.

But later on we got a call from T. J. Allison, our cabinet guy, telling us that he could install our new cabinets at 4:30. Yay! It took him about an hour and a half to install both cabinets, and here they are.
This one is behind the passenger's seat and replaces the sofa bed.

This one replaces the booth-dinette. You have to picture the chairs with different seats, though, because I am going to re-cover them. The table pulls out another 18" to allow for seating for four. And there's a place for the computer and printer in there, too. Plus loads of other storage.

I love the way our motor home looks now--much more "homey." T. J. Said he had never seen the two tone effect in a MH but he really liked it. Maybe we will be trend setters!

Hopefully we will be able to finish up tomorrow and we can head out Saturday. I'm really ready to leave.

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