Monday, September 21, 2015

The Hunt for a Bottle Opener Begins

I used to be a real collector and spent a lot of time and money seeking out and purchasing tchotchkes to decorate our home. Antique stores were the best, often providing hours of fun looking for that one treasure to buy. In fact, one of Bob's and my first dates was to New Hope, PA where we spent the day browsing through the many antique stores in town. It was on that day that Bob and I started pointing out hideous items and telling each other that they would be "perfect for a guest room," ensuring that a guest would not overstay their welcome. But I digress...

Today we went to a couple of local antique malls to look for a wall mounted bottle opener for our kitchen. We have the perfect spot for it, and that's saying a lot because there really is very little wall space available for hanging anything.

We looked for close to two hours, only finding "faux antique " bottle openers made of cast iron in a variety of tacky styles. They were in both malls, in great abundance. We decided to pass on them, preferring to keep looking another day. Sometimes the hunt is more fun than actually finding what you want. I could find something on eBay but I think I will enjoy having an excuse to visit antique stores for a while. And as a bonus we can watch for new items "for the guest room."

I did some more weaving today, savoring this current project. If I'm careful I can make it last much of the week. I also took a bike ride and went for a nice long walk with Bob and Auggie. I can feel it in my knees when I don't move around enough so I have been upping my exercise lately.

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