Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Beach

It was a little overcast today but still warm and pleasant. Bob and I sat outside for a couple of hours this morning and just read. I may have even dozed a bit, with the sound of songbirds in the nearby bushes and the soft warm breeze...

After lunch we drove along the coast to find a beach to walk on. We made it all the way to Florida, which it turns out is only 8 miles away. We had no idea we were so near the border! Guess we should look at a map and see where we are. :)

We stopped at Alabama Point East Public Beach Access which had a long boardwalk across sandy dunes to the Gulf waters. Tide was high and we sat on rocks to watch the waves roll in.
I was amused to see the tiny sandpipers scurrying around, picking at something that was too small for us to see in the sand. They were really cute, and came pretty close to us.
The breeze was quite brisk and seagulls would flap their wings without moving forward. I found myself pondering why in the world a seagull would work so hard to fly against the wind when he could just go the other direction and soar? I mean, what is so important that he has to go to THAT PART OF THE BEACH? Wouldn't you think that downwind would be just as good? Think about it.
It was very nice, and doesn't Bob look handsome in his sunglasses?
We returned back to the campground and spent some time hanging out with our friends Wanda and Jerry, who have the cutest little 
Shasta trailer. I just love little retro trailers.
We have made plans to go to lunch with them tomorrow. We are looking forward to it!


  1. I love shore birds. Great photos. Lasts year I spotted that Shasta was re issued. It's pretty cool. Guessing your friends have a classic. Pretty awesome ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xp7WRedZgPU

  2. Thanks Ellen! Their Shasta is a brand new trailer and is just as cute and perfect inside as the outside is, with all the modern conveniences: bathroom, microwave, heat, and AC. I was surprised; it looks just like a perfectly restored trailer from 1960!

  3. oh my gosh, so nice to hear you got to see one of these in person. I think they are pretty awesome from just seeing the video.

  4. The dinette drops down to become a bed, so they added a memory foam topper and leave it set up as a bed. It's comfy like that, but probably less so without the topper.

  5. That is a great idea ! Thank you for letting me know.