Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Angel Story #2

Yesterday's blog was about angels protecting my grandson, but I have seen divine protection for my children as well.  When my second daughter, Catherine, was an infant we lived near a department store in Grafton, MA called The Mart.  Long gone now, The Mart was like a K-mart, and had lots of low-cost items for sale.  We were close enough so that I could walk Catherine and her 5 1/2 year old sister Kristen to it during the day when I had no car.

On this particular day I must have had the car because I was using a carrier in the shopping cart that had a carrying arm across the top.  In those days, the car seats stayed in the car and We would use a separate, lighter weight carrier outside of the car.  Car seats in those days were really heavy! 

I set the carrier sideways in the seat of the shopping cart, as Catherine was too small to sit up.  I had just moved her from the car seat to the carrier and she was too little to wiggle out, so she was not buckled in.

All was fine until Kristen decided to climb into the main part of the shopping cart, and in her attempt the entire shopping cart flipped over.  Catherine's carrier also flipped into the air and landed upside down on the concrete floor.  For one awful second I was unable to move.  Then I bent down and slipped my hand under the carrier where her head was.  As I turned the carrier over I felt her head roll into my hand.  She had been flung upside down on a concrete floor with no straps holding her in, yet had not hit the floor. This truly was a miracle.  An observer came running over and said she had seen a similar accident in which the baby's face had been all smashed in by the impact. Something, or someone had held Catherine up and protected her from the fall.

I expect great things from Catherine.  God saved her for a reason, wouldn't you say?

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