Thursday, September 18, 2014

Local Robbery

Yesterday I finished my dish towels that I had been weaving.  The finishing part typically gets put-off, but I'm not sure why, because as I am hemming things I get such a thrill to see the finished result.
I'm not sure who these will go to, but they will probably be gifts.

I also hemmed some washcloths that have been waiting patiently for months.  Today I plan to move all my sewing bins into the motorhome.

We had a bit of excitement in our normally quiet neighborhood yesterday, while I was merrily sewing away.  Four police cars pulled up to the front of our house and I could see cops talking with Bob.  Since I could tell by his body language that he was relaxed (i.e. not about to be arrested) I went back to my task and figured I'd find out later what was going on.  It turns out that someone had robbed the store at the edge of our neighborhood, and had beaten up the shopkeeper.  Bob had seen the two men walking past but hadn't really focused on them so he was unable to give a description.  The police ended up searching houses nearby where no one was home, in case the crooks had ducked into one of them.  About 23 years ago, when we first moved into the neighborhood, that store was robbed and the owner was beaten so badly that he was not expected to live.  Fortunately he survived, and the perpetrator was caught.  Let's hope the police find these two creeps!

The other exciting thing that happened yesterday was that we got our new mailing address in Texas! We won't be actually giving it out to family and friends very often,  as we'll be traveling around and will have to pay postage for mail to be forwarded, but it's a thrill anyway.

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