Friday, September 19, 2014

WalMart and Washcloths

RVers love WalMart.  They love the one-stop-shopping thing, the good prices, and the fact that many WalMarts allow RVs to park overnight in their parking lots for free.

I know that WalMarts tend to take business away from small local businesses, and they do have a reputation for not treating their employees that well, so I have mixed feelings about them.

Having said that, my eldest daughter told me recently about WalMart's Savings Catcher program, and people have asked me about it, so here's the scoop.  You sign up online, download the app if you have a smartphone or tablet (although you don't need the app, it allows you to scan your receipts rather than enter a long number, so it is easier) and start using it.  Each time you shop at WalMart you scan in the receipt and Savings Catcher compares items with sales flyers in your area to see who has the best price.  If Walgreens had your chips for .50 less this week and you bought two bags, you get a credit of $1.00.  In my area there are perhaps 50 stores that they compare with, but in more populated areas they may be price checking against 200 stores or more.  Your credit adds up for each receipt you scan, and you can use the credit towards a purchase at WalMart whenever you want.

If you are interested, the Savings Catcher website is here.

The washcloths I finished this week came out very nice, I think.  They were woven on a two harness loom (my Saori Piccolo, but any table or floor loom would work well with this draft) using 8/4 cotton carpet warp for warp and weft. These are going to be a gift. Click to embiggen.

I just love handwoven washcloths!

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