Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Do a YOU believe in angels?

When our eldest grandson was 9 months old, my daughter Kristen called me up one morning with an amazing story.  She had gotten up early on that morning, letting her husband Jason sleep in.  Kristen enjoys her morning cup of coffee. And her son was at that age when he was not-quite-walking but able to grab things off higher surfaces.  So Kristen barricaded herself behind the ottoman and dining room chairs to sit in her favorite spot and drink her coffee without little hands grabbing for the cup.

She had just sat down this morning when she realized she had left something in the kitchen, just a few steps away.  She double checked her barrier system and it was intact, so she walked into the kitchen.  A minute later she heard her husband's voice shout KRISTEN and she ran back to the living room just in time to see her toddler reaching for her coffee, having circumnavigated the makeshift barrier.  Kristen reached over, picked up the cup, and sat down to finish her morning drink.

A few minutes later, Jason came down the hall. "Boy, it's a good thing you called me, otherwise our little guy here would have gotten a bad burn," she told him.  Jason just stared at her.  " I didn't call you," he said.

I still get chills when I think of this.

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