Monday, September 8, 2014

Our Busy Week

Bob and I were saddened last week to learn of the sudden death of the husband of one of my close friends from our weavers guild.  He was such a nice man.  Though suffering from a degenerative disease, he refused to bow down to it and continued to maintain his beloved gardens as long as he was able to.  Our prayers go out to his wife.

Saturday was one of our grandsons' 8th birthday, and we went to a local skating rink to celebrate.

Bob and I decided to sit on the sidelines and be baby-watchers, and had loads of fun watching everyone skate.

I had crocheted daisy headbands for the girls and they looked super-cute.  This was a very quick and easy project, and if you are on Ravelry you can find it here.

Last evening we took a walk to our old house to visit the new owners.  They are the nicest people!  Bob and I have visited with them a couple of times, and they are so welcoming.  They brought us through the living room, which now has the drapes from the family room in it.  The walls are a deep gold, the fireplace is burgundy with black accents, and there is a hand painted tree on the wall to the right of the door to the kitchen with family photos surrounding it.  They have really made it their own and it looks great! They were kind enough to allow me to dig up an herb plant called Vietnamese Cilantro that they hadn't bonded with (but they knew it was special to me so they surrounded it with a little barrier and protected it all summer long.) They also urged us to pick some sage from the huge sage patch we had left.  We couldn't have asked for nicer people to live in the home that we loved for so many years!

This is a big week for us.  The VA home inspector and termite inspector come tomorrow, the water tester comes Wednesday, and we will find out the results of our home appraisal.  Our friend's funeral is tomorrow as well, and I will be going to pay our respects while Bob keeps Auggie from taking a bite out of the home inspector. And I am visiting with friends for dinner on Wednesday night. It's a good thing we are retired so we have time to do what we need to do!

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