Thursday, September 11, 2014

Becoming Texans

My original intent for this blog was for it to be travel and craft-focused.  However, as we are still in the process of selling our house, we are not yet traveling and there is no time to craft! Tomorrow, however, we will be taking a day trip to Hershey, PA for the big RV show that is held annually.  The show runs through Sunday, so if going to a place where there are thousands of RVs of all types, makes, and models gives you a thrill (as it does to us) then this is the place for you!

Bob, our dogs Auggie and Sim, and me, in front of our Eco travel trailer

Today we had our water tested, and later will be applying for a mailbox in Texas in preparation for becoming Texans.  A lot of people have asked us how we will get our mail on the road.  We are members of an RV group called Escapees, and will have an address through this group for our mailbox.  For a small annual fee they will forward our mail wherever we are.  Easy peasy! We can also have packages sent to us at a local post office if we ate going to be in one spot for a few weeks.

We have been talking for months about becoming South Dakota residents, but it looks like a trip to SD is not in the cards for us this year, so Texas it is! Yee Haw!

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