Sunday, February 22, 2015

Friday and Saturday, a Visit to a Museum in Wickenburg

Friday was a quiet day. We went into Congress to the post office and picked up our mail from our mail forwarding service, before stopping in at the local library. I couldn't get onto their WiFi for some reason, so Bob and I headed into Wickenburg for some groceries.

On Saturday we headed back to Wickenburg to visit the Desert Caballeros Western Museum. It featured art from "the Old West, the New West, and the Next West," and had one of the best collections of Western art in the country.
A recreated street of old Wickenburg circa 1915 filled the bottom floor, complete with a general store, a saloon, and rooms from a turn -of-the-century Victorian home. There were also displays of gems and minerals, American Indian treasures, and frontier weapons. 

My siblings and I played with a scooter exactly like this one, at my grandparents' house.
A two harness table loom.
Note the tin cans under the feet of this bed.  Filled with water, they kept creepy-crawlies from climbing up and disturbing your nights's sleep. 
Typical toys from 1915.
 A view of old-time Wickenburg.
Neat wire horse sculptures outside the museum.
Flowers in town are blooming.  My sister, Wendy asked me recently if there were any flowers here. :)

Bob and I enjoyed strolling through shops in town before heading back to the campground. 
Bob met a new friend on the street.

Sunday we head to Phoenix and the Good Sam Rally. It will be a busy week!

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