Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rodeo and Visit With Jason

The nearest town, Wickenburg, boasts five rodeo arenas. As soon as we heard that, we just had to go watch some cowboys do their thing. The nearest arena is about ten miles always so off we went on Saturday. 

We arrived in time for the cattle roping. This event is timed, with a team of two cowpokes, male or female, chasing down a calf that has been released from a chute. One rider is to the calf's right, one to the left. The left rider swings a lasso and drops the loop over the calf's horns, then turns to the left. The rider on the calf's right ropes the hind feet of the animal. Both riders stop their horses and pull the calf off its feet. Only catching one foot results in a five second penalty and if either rider misses, they are disqualified. The team with the shortest time wins (although there are several rounds.)

We stayed until it got hot out, enjoying the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of the competition. It was a nice afternoon.

On Sunday Bob and I drove to Phoenix to meet up with our son in law, Jason. Jason's job requires him to travel, and we were excited to see someone from home, at least for a few hours. We enjoyed a great Mexican meal at a local restaurant and had fun catching up with the happenings back home. Jason was preparing to record his regular podcast later, called "Higher Standards," in which he and his friends discus the world of "Magic: The Gathering." When we have decent internet again we will have to tune in and listen.

Jason took this picture of Bob and me.


  1. Rodeo sounds like fun! what is link to podcast?

  2. Here's the link to Jason's recent one: