Friday, February 20, 2015

Wednesday, Blanket is Finished

My Dad was the kind of man who was always busy with a project. He could do anything. He tore down walls in our house where we grew up, remodeled the kitchen, built his own boat, rebuilt TVs and radios, and taught himself to navigate a boat using the stars and a sextant. After he retired he still kept busy, but was less productive.  "What did you do today, Dad?" we would ask him, and he would day, "Oh, I had a busy day. I paid bills today." My sisters and I would chuckle at how paying bills could take all day.

Now that Dad is gone and I'm retired, I can relate. A typical day consists of sleeping until 7:00 or 7:30 (I probably would sleep later if Auggie didn't need to go out at that time,) eating breakfast, checking email, Facebook, and Ravelry, reading, showering, and taking Auggie to the dog park. Now it's 10:30 and we might decide to take a drive. Back home by 4:00, another walk to the dog park, cook dinner, eat, and read until bed time. The time just passes and sometimes I'm not sure what I really accomplished. But I'm never bored!

Today we decided to stay in, and I took out my sewing machine to do some mending and to assemble the blanket I wove last month. Next week I'll be donating it to the Linus Project at the Good Sam Rally in Phoenix. I'm happy the way it turned out--its soft and snuggly.

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