Thursday, February 12, 2015

Time to Move Again

When we got home from Karchner Caverns on Tuesday, we discovered that Auggie had not felt well all day and had developed diarrhea, poor guy. We cleaned up the floor (thankful to have tile floors!) and only gave him a little rice for dinner. By the next morning he was feeling like his old self again. The pep was back in his step and his appetite had returned. I gave him a nice bath so he looks and smells pretty, too.

We spent the day doing little things to get ready for today's move to the Escapees park in Congress, AZ.  It's time we were on the move again! We have really enjoyed our time in Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort but we look forward to seeing a new area. Congress is about 90 minutes northwest of Phoenix, and we will be stopping at an RV repair shop to see if they can fix the sidewall damage from that blowout we had back in November.

We will certainly miss our Dish Internet we've had all month! In Congress we may not have much, so forgive me if blog posts become sporadic. I'll write 'em daily, but I'm not sure if I can upload them every day.

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