Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Our First Day on Parking Detail

Our first day as volunteers at the Good Sam Rally! The alarm woke us up at 5:30 am, in time to eat breakfast, wash and dress, take Auggie for a walk, and get to our group meeting places by 6:45. My group was told by our team leader to meet by the "Will Call" building, but by 6:45 we were all ready to work and our leader had not shown. It turns out he had decided to change the meeting place but never told anyone. Ah well...

It was COLD out! (I told Emily this when she called me today. Her reaction? "What was it, like 50 degrees? It was 45 a couple of days ago in NJ and everyone was outside with flip flops on!" No sympathy from her!)  I had on two shirts, two jackets, wool socks and gloves, and that wind went right through me. It didn't help that I was standing around outside for five hours. Bob was warmer because his job actually involved moving and parking rigs, while I did the Vanna White thing and gestured to my right whenever RVs came down my road, to show them to turn rather than go straight. But it really wasn't all that bad. Dog walkers came by regularly so I had people to talk with, and by 11:00 the sun got warmer and I was able to put down my hood.

RVs were already gathered to come into the lots by 7:00, and by 7:30 we started to see a fairly steady stream of them.

Bob and his crew had them lined up neatly in rows.

We saw some crazy people today. One driver in a motorhome actually passed another on the entrance road, and I thought he was going to run me down, he was so eager to get to his parking spot fast. Maybe he had a party to get to! Ha!

We were happy to turn over our reflective vests to the 12:00-5:00 crew replacing us, and get something warm to eat. And we get to do it again tomorrow and Thursday. Saturday and Sunday Bob and I are Security. That should be interesting! And tomorrow at noon the Rally actually opens--we can't wait. :)

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