Friday, February 20, 2015

Thursday, Ride to Prescott

Thursday we drove 44 miles northwest to the town of Prescott, AZ. Make sure you say it right, for it is pronounced "Press-Kit," and people around here will correct you if you say it wrong. So now you know. :)

The road to Prescott goes through the mountains that form the northern border of the Sonora Desert, and it is a long, steep, and winding road. To get there we passed through high desert with sand and cacti, rocky areas with huge boulders that cover the mountains, grazing land, and forests with tall Ponderosa pines. It was amazing to see the variety of the topography in a little over an hour of driving. 

Prescott itself is a really neat town with a historical district called Whiskey Row. It was a nice area to walk around in.  We had lunch in a little restaurant called El Gato Azul, or The Blue Cat. Bob and I had Tapas of shrimp, chicken, and a black bean salad. It was very good!

We drove around a little to try and find an Internet connection, but soon gave that up so we could head home to Auggie.  Uploading the blog will have to wait until tomorrow when we can go into Wickenburg again. 

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