Monday, February 23, 2015

Phoenix International Raceway

We arrived at the Phoenix International Raceway yesterday after an easy trip from Congress, AZ, and were parked in the electric service lot. Bob and I are volunteers so we get priority parking, which means we are in a big parking lot with room enough to park our car next to us and huge generators supply us power.  While we have no water or sewer hookups we really don't need them since our rig can carry a week's worth of water and can hold a week's worth of grey and black water (sink/shower run off and toilet waste.)

Everyone in our lot is a volunteer so everyone is friendly. All we have to do is sit outside and folks come up to chat. Many have dogs, which is another ice breaker. One couple were handing out free lemons which they picked from their lemon tree in their backyard. Apparently, in Arizona lemons and oranges are like tomatoes and zucchini in the Northeast. When they are ripe everyone has them and it's hard to give them away. We took some, and will freeze the juice in ice cube trays for lemon-water.

This morning we were treated to a volunteer breakfast (bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs with cheese, pancakes, fresh fruit salad and coffee) before receiving a tram tour of the facility. We then were divided into groups according to our assignments. Bob and I were assigned to the parking crew for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and to Security for Saturday and Sunday. Our shifts are all morning ones, 7-12, and we are supposed to work 25 hours each over the next week to earn our free entrance to the Rally and free parking with electric.  We had a brief training with more to come tomorrow. It should be interesting.

Early Birds (people who wanted to arrive a day before the general public) will start arriving tomorrow and the actual Rally starts Wednesday at noon. While we had a brief shower today, weather looks good for the rest of the week.

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