Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Flying High

Today we have a guest blogger, my husband Bob.

Hello folks.  This morning I took a bike ride to the far end of the RV park to check out the remote controlled airplane flying area.  It's an area about the size of a football field and away from the other populated sections of the park for safety reasons.  There were about a dozen guys with their planes set up on the workbenches next to the field but only three or four were actually flying while I was there.

The guys I talked to gave me a lot of information about RC(remote control) planes and their backgrounds.  One man just started flying last year when he was visiting the park and got interested.

Another guy started flying these about thirty years ago in California but stopped when he went on the road full time in 2005.  He got back into it three years ago when he stayed here for the first time.
The last guy I talked with was the only licensed pilot of the group that actually flew real planes.  He still flies occasionally but said it isn't the same as when he was younger.  Back in the old days he was a stunt pilot for a flying circus.  He said "There's nothing like flying fifty feet off the deck, upside down, at 150 MPH!"  The little plane he had today would barely go 15 MPH and maybe get 50 feet off the ground.

It looks like a lot of fun but they all said it can get to be an expensive hobby when you crash on a regular basis and you will probably do that quite a bit when you first start out.

I had a nice time hanging out with these guys and to add to the experience there were a couple of full sized, real planes crop dusting the field right next to us only a hundred yards away!

It was a great day and another one of the new experiences I can add to the growing list of fun things I have seen on our journey!

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