Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday

Oh the sun was lovely today! I do hate to complain about recent weather when much of the country had been dealing with snow, but we have had rain for days and today was lovely. And it's Goundhog Day as well as MidWinter Day, as winter is officially half over. Tra loo, tra lay!!

Did you watch the Super Bowl yesterday? People who know me know that I am not a football fan and have no interest in the hype that surrounds Super Bowl Sunday. But I grew up in Massachusetts, so I couldn't help being just a little interested in seeing the Patriots play. So I sat in front of the TV reading my book, glancing up when someone in the campground leaned on their airhorn (which sounded after each touchdown.) I also watched some commercials and tried to watch the halftime show. Seeing Katie Perry dance with a singing shark was just too stupid, though,smo I didn't watch the whole thing. What was the girl thinking???

Our internet troubles over the weekend were apparently caused by a loose connection. Bob tightened the cable and fixed it without a service call.

We took a nice bike ride around the campground this afternoon to the dog park with Auggie. But most of my day was spent with my Diana Gabaldon book. It was a nice day.

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