Friday, April 24, 2015

Gathering of Nations

We were so fortunate to arrive in Albuquerque in time to see the Gathering of Nations, one of the largest Pow-wows in the country and attracting over 500 different tribes of Indians.

An interesting aside: in the East we are so politically correct and refer to Indians as "Native Americans" but around here everyone refers to them as "Indians." Including the Indians themselves.

The Pow-wow lasts for three days, starting with a pageant for Miss Indian World on the first day. We were able to attend on the second day when they had the Drum Roll Call for Singers and the Grand Entrance of Dancers, when the "pit" fills with dancers from all over the country, dancing to the beat of drums. It was a cacophony of sounds and colors!
After the Grand Entrance is the dance and drums competition, which goes for another day and a half. Some of the competition is at midnight so it's a long day for people who stay for the whole thing.
I loved seeing the colorful costumes; it was interesting to see all the "glitz," which I didn't really expect.

Lots of silver bugle beads, bells, feathers, and sequins!

There was a group of people with live hawks and falcons on display.
We walked around the vendors area as well, which was filled with all kind of handmade items. A good introduction for us to Albuquerque!

Until at least 6:00 pm MST Saturday April 25 you can watch some of the streaming video of the event here. Check it out!

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