Monday, April 27, 2015

Quiet Weekend

Bob and I enjoyed a quiet, rainy weekend here in Albuquerque. The rain was the top story on the 10:00 news, with the reporter excited to announce that 0.34 inches were dumped on the region over the last two days, making this the wettest April in Albuquerque's history! The other top stories included a man having been pushed off his bike by an irate motorist and a tale of a realtor who had someone pull a gun on him but the realtor ran away. I kid you not. Very little crime actually occurs here, apparently. I should have called in to the news station and told them that someone honked at me as I tried to exit the highway; it probably would have made the front page.

I finished weaving my cloth for a bag I'll be sewing, and I like the way it came out.
I picked up fabric for the lining today, so I hope to have it finished tomorrow. 

Today is K.C.'s sweet sixteenth birthday. He is celebrating by spending the afternoon in the front of the coach with us. Auggie is on leash so he'll behave. They've been doing better with each other lately.
On my walk around the park today I took some shots of the classic campers that are here. They are used as rental units instead of cabins. What a great idea!

I think the rain has stopped so hopefully we can do some more sightseeing tomorrow!

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