Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Petroglyphs National Monument and Pulled Pork sandwiches

I have never eaten pulled pork. Not sure why, since I love roast pork, pork chops, smoked pork ribs, and bacon. I guess it was not served in our house growing up. So when I stumbled across this recipe in a pressure cooking blog, I was ready to give it a try. And was it ever good!
Stuffed into a bulky roll (pronounced "boo-key" for some reason in Worcester, MA where I used to live years ago) it was to-die-for. I'll be making this recipe again.

After a lunch of leftover pulled pork sandwiches today, Bob and I drove over to Petroglyphs National Monument, just outside of Albuquerque. The weather couldn't have been nicer, with sunshine and 68 degree temperatures. There are three trails we could have walked to see some petroglyphs and we chose Piedras Marcadas Canyon to visit, about a two mile easy hike through high desert country.
We came upon some rocky hills that had loads of petroglyphs carved into them, dating from about 400 years to 3000 years old. I took loads of photos and here are some of my favorite petroglyphs.

I had never seen such clear ones. In some you can see bullet holes where people shot at them, but many of the images are still sharp and clear. Not much is known about their meaning but they are fascinating nonetheless.

Being up in the desert got me wondering about where the desert scenes from Breaking Bad were filmed, because I haven't seen a lot of large expanses of desert around here. Turns out that those scenes were filmed in the Tohajiilee Indian Resevation, not far from where we are camping. More fun facts to know and tell!

Tonight we are going out to eat with our new friends, Ron and Kathy, from the campground. We are looking forward to a fun evening!

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