Thursday, June 11, 2015

An Evening With the Girls

Last night we went over to daughter Emily's house to have dinner with her, her husband Anthony, and their two beautiful daughters.

Auggie got to meet Ella, and enjoyed hanging out with his new cousin.
It was a really nice evening, and the two dogs got along well.

This morning, Ella went into surgery for one of her knees. Unfortunately, however, the situation quickly became grim as she reacted badly to the anaesthesia and stopped breathing on the table. The surgery was halted immediately and the surgeon had difficulty bringing Ella back to consciousness. There is as concern that she might have brain damage from the anoxia. But as of 5:00 she was home and resting comfortably. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that this sweet dog will have a full recovery and will be able to heal. I want to thank all of you who gave so generously to her surgical fund.

I realize that there has not been a lot of traveling or RV info lately. We are still parked in my daughter's driveway, and it has been nice staying in the rig. There are quite a few reasons why it's better to stay in an RV rather than in someone's house when visiting.
1. We get to sleep in our own bed.
2. No one needs to give up their bed to us.
3. We have privacy, and so do our hosts.
4. I still get to spend lots of time with the grandkids, but we are not tied at the hip to my daughter.
5. We watch what we want on TV, and go to bed when we want. Likewise, we get up when we want to.
6. We know where the coffee is kept, along with everything else we need.

We have been giving out our cards to a lot of people lately. If you are a new blog reader you may want to look back on some of my earlier posts to see travel pictures. We will be back on the road in early July when we take the grandkids camping.

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