Monday, June 1, 2015


Ugh. I woke up this morning to water on the carpet in the bedroom. If we aren't perfectly level, then water gets in somewhere and drips onto the carpet. I guess it could be worse--it could be dripping on the bed!

We stowed everything away that was loose and drove the motorhome a half hour away, to Berlin, NJ, to get the air brake system looked at. The part will be ordered and we will return on Friday for the repair. Driving the coach around here makes me nervous--we have gone under some low wires and low hanging branches on these roads. Out west the roads tend to have fewer obstacles to dodge. But we will do what we must.

Back in Cherry Hill I helped daughter Kristen put together a bookcase she had ordered. I think she was impressed with my electric drill skills. :) And the bookcase came out quite well.

Rather a slow day today--not much news. Rain, heavy at times. Where is the nice weather?

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