Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Braiding a Leash

Today I pulled out my marudai which lives disassembled under the bed normally. I love my marudai. It is from The Braiders Hand and is as nice a piece of equipment as you could want. It is super-sturdy and has a silky-smooth finish on it that invites me to stroke it. I chose the longer legs because I have trouble kneeling, and it is a perfect height for me.

I wove Auggie a collar with a flag motif a few months ago, and I have not put it on him because the band I wove was too short for a leash to match. I can't have home wear a red/white/blue collar and a green leash, now can I? I could have used my inkle lap loom but instead decided to braid the leash.

I really like this braid. It is flat, uses 8 tama, and is solid red on the back. After I took the photos I continued braiding and finished it except for sewing the handle and putting on a clip. My original plan was to set up the marudai for Small Looms Group that meets on Saturday. But I have been fasting all day to get ready for tonight's colonoscopy prep so I needed something to take my mind off it. It helped to focus on the braid and not on the 6 cups of disgusting liquid I was drinking.

I'll have to throw some more yarn on the marudai Saturday morning.

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