Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend and Braiding

Our weekend was really busy. On Saturday morning we took the motorhome to Mt. Holly's water treatment plant, where for the grand sum of $5 we were able to dump our waste tanks. A good thing, because flushing the toilet was starting to smell.  It had been 15 days since our last dump and unless we bag our used toilet paper and don't flush it, I think 15 days is pretty much our limit. TMI? Dealing with the black water tank is a fact of life in this lifestyle. It doesn't bother me at all, though, because that's Bob's job!Ha!

We arrived back in Cherry Hill in time to join the kids and two grandkids in a trip to Kohl's Off Aisle store. I found a $40 chef's knife with sheath for $10, so I was happy. Afterwards we stopped in for a meal at El Mariachi San Lucas in Cherry Hill. The guacamole was really good and I loved the tacos carnitas I ordered.  I recommend them.

Yesterday was a quiet day. My father passed away almost 12 years ago from Alzheimer's disease and Bob's dad is gone as well. I spent the day organizing and getting rid of things, which I know pleases Bob, and felt good to me as well.

In the evening I set up my marudai to make a ladder braid. The design is from "Beads and Braids" by Jacquie Carey (page 13) and it involves making two braids that are joined after a specific number of repetitions of the pattern. I repeated steps 1-4 four times, then did steps 5 & 6 to join. It was easier than I thought it would be. I used the knobs on the overhead cabinets to measure the threads--it is easier than setting up a warping board and I can measure up to 9 yards as long as the amounts are small.

Finished! With yellow seed beads woven through the ladder braid.

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