Friday, August 7, 2015

Catch up

I must backtrack just a bit. On Tuesday my sister Cheryl and I spent the day with my niece, Diana, helping her to unpack from her move. It was also Diana's birthday and it was nice to spend it with her. While Bob was dealing with a tornado (see yesterday's blog) I was playing with Khloe and eating lunch at Whole Foods.

Later in the evening, Bob and Cheryl's husband George arrived for dinner, and we went out for a yummy Italian meal. Diana's brother Stefan and his wife Pam joined us, along with Diana's friend, Becca.  Afterwards we had soft serve homemade ice cream from the Cuisinart ice cream maker I had picked up on Saturday. It worked great, and I will make more before turning it over to Kristen.

Yesterday Cheryl and I went to Webs (Yes! Twice in two weeks--how lucky is that!)  We had a fun afternoon, going out to lunch at Amanouz again and spending a couple of delicious hours amongst the yarn and books. I didn't buy much but had a ball.

So I'm finally caught up to Thursday. Bob and I went up to Nashua, NH just over the border, to visit the LLBean outlet store. We spent less than $10 but enjoyed looking at all the bargains anyway. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and reading. The weather has been perfect the last couple of days--high temperatures in the low 80's and low humidity. I love Massachusetts summers.

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