Friday, August 14, 2015

We are in Virginia

We managed to leave pretty much on time this morning, despite a missing hubcap cover and a broken slide out gasket. I called the tire place and they offered to repay us for a new one, so that's good.  It was there before they messed with the tires so perhaps they forgot to put it back?  The slideout gasket has been detached for a while so we can deal with that, too, temporarily. It's a good thing we are heading to the Tiffin plant.

I called Tiffin this morning and they said no problem with coming in on a Sunday afternoon. They will have a spot for us to hookup. But there are a lot of rigs ahead of us for service. Ah well... So much for arriving in August to avoid a line!

Our trip to Virginia was pretty uneventful. We went the same way we did last October, taking 695 E around Baltimore to avoid the tunnel. Vehicles with Propane tanks are not allowed in the tunnel so we must go around, which adds close to 1/2 hour to the trip.

Bob and I were tired by the time we arrived at our campsite in Virginia. Tomorrow's leg will be even longer, almost 400 miles. But we can do it.

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