Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Trip Through NYC

Yesterday I posted details of our proposed route through the New York City area heading south to NJ, a trip that has become somewhat problematic since we are driving a 40' motorhome and are towing a car. Here's the good and the bad about that route.

The good: We avoided the George Washington Bridge, a terror inducing means of getting such a behemoth vehicle through the boroughs of NYC. In a car it's not fun but doable if you have the will and determination to go the fastest route (sometimes, as long as it's not rush hour!) through the city. We also avoided the Garden State Parkway, which while technically is illegal for the MH to be on (a fact that alone will keep me off it now that I know we could get a ticket) also features a lot of traffic and bridges which require us to keep to the middle lane to avoid shearing off our rooftop AC units. At 12' 6" we have gone the whole way and it is technically doable.

The bad: This route takes us 75 miles and over an hour longer to get around the city than using GWB, using this more circuitous route.  We hit little traffic, only being held up a couple of times with traffic crawling for a mile or so. Not bad for this trip. We also left 45 minutes later than my usual target departure time of 9:00 am, which may or may not have affected our overall travel time. 

Bob's review of the route? He reports that he would use it again. It was a long trip, though, at 377 miles and 6 1/2 hours on the road. We did make one stop, for lunch, about 15 minutes.

It was great to see my daughter and her family again, even though it's only been two weeks. Ben was standing outside when we drove up, waving his arms to welcome us. A really nice sight! 
We ate stuffed crust pizza for dinner as we visited and caught up. Indie looks bigger, and was excited to see us.
We tried on his Indiana Jones Halloween costume but it was a little big. Hopefully with a few simple alterations and a bit of growing on his part it will fit come October 31. I'll post a photo then.

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