Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Hello folks,
Guest blogger Bob here.

We had an exciting day at the RV park yesterday!  Trish was off helping her niece unpack after her move and Auggie and I were hanging out at the motorhome when my cell phone alarm warned of a tornado in the area.  Our RV is surrounded by large trees so I knew we needed to get out.  I scooped up Auggie and headed for the park office as the rain started to pour down.

The thunder and lightning intensified and other RVers and their dogs made their way into the shelter of the office building.  As we hunkered down the cable news station constantly updated the storm track and the hundreds of lightning strikes and the likelihood of a tornado touching down nearby.  These forecasters live for these kind of events and get all tingly and giddy watching their computer images from the safety of their studios, but sitting in the middle of all these trees watching marble sized hail bounce off the cars and roofs as the wind roared was no fun for us.

After almost two hours of sitting and waiting for all the bad weather to pass by we were all anxious to get back to our rigs and see if there were any problems.  However Mother Nature had one last goodbye and a colossal blast of lightning struck nearby and blew out the cable and WIFI connections but spared our electricity connections.

When we were able to get back to the RV it was still in good shape and been spared any damage.  We were lucky!  I hope that is the last kind of that excitement I see for a long time!

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