Thursday, August 4, 2016

Afternoon with Jeen

I first met my friend, Jeen, on Ravelry. We met face-to-face a while later, at a Saori class, and a year or two later she and her husband invited us to camp in her driveway for a few days. Since then, she has visited us in NJ and we now try and get together every year. It is always an inspiring and fun visit.

Bob dropped me off to see Jeen at a the Charlton Sewing Center while he went to visit a friend who has a summer home nearby. Jeen and I were thrilled to find a full-sized pipe organ in the shop and we were treated to an impromptu concert.
Such a treat! I've never been in a fabric store that used to be a church. We enjoyed poking around to find treasures, and discovered a plethora of old tiny sewing machines that the owner collects. 

Later, we stopped at a local bakery for treats to bring home (I chose the blueberry cream pie--it was excellent!) before going for coffee and then returning to Jeen's home. She has a full weaving studio (including a 24 shaft dobby loom) and we had so much fun with show 'n tell and playing around with setting up a card loom.

Jeen is such a sweet, generous person, and I love spending time with her. The afternoon just flew by! I'm so glad we were able to get together.

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