Thursday, August 4, 2016


On Tuesday we continued helping my sister move into her house. While Bob moved boxes, though, I took my niece, Khloe, for a "girls day out." Years ago I lived in Worcester, so I am pretty familiar with children's activities in the area. We started out at Green Hill Park, where we played at the local playground.
Then it was on to the EcoTarium, formerly the Worcester Science Center, where I had taken my children many times.  I was pleased to see that our Kern County Museum pass got us in here for free.  Some of the exhibits were the same, like this stuffed Kodiak bear that used to terrify my little ones.
There were more hands-on activities than ever before and Khloe enjoyed playing with giant bubbles...
...and climbing the rock wall.
She even was brave enough to stand by the live bees.
One of the things that did not change over the years was the chance to ride on a small train that loops through the park. Khloe and I whooped and hollered when going through the tunnel.
Years ago when I lived in Worcester, the museum boasted a family of polar bears: parents Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, plus a baby Kenda. I asked the train engineer what had happened to them. Major was sent to the Stoneham zoo not long after Kenda's birth, to prevent him from killing his daughter (something that often happens in captivity.)  He lived until the age of 35. Minor and Kenda lived at the museum for many years, Minor passing at age 32 and Kenda at age 27.
In the wild, polar bears live from 15-18 years and the average lifespan in captivity is 18 years. While it was sad to hear they had passed, at least they lived a long life.

I think Khloe had fun today--I know I did!

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