Sunday, August 28, 2016

Busy Busy Busy

Our cat, KC is now sporting a new collar. I wove this little inkle band back in May, and it was the perfect width for the hardware fittings of his old collar (which was a bit frayed.)  His fur on his neck is so long that you can't really see it, but I know it's there! It has a slide-on tag that provides a phone number in case he becomes lost.
On Wednesday Kristen and I drove over to Emily and Anthony's house for an amazing lasagna dinner, cooked by Anthony. Emily and I made the pasta for the dish, but the homemade sauce he created was divine!

Thursday was a quiet day for us, but on Friday I went with daughter Catherine, her little Jillian, and Kristen's boy, Ben, to a local children's museum. Once again, our reciprocal membership card from Kern County Museum in Bakersfield, CA got the four of us free entrance, saving me over $55.
Jillian had fun with a giant Lite Brite, inserting colored tubes into a light board.
She and Ben climbed on everything they could climb...
 ...and Ben played a little hockey. It was a fun time for all.
I finally got around to finishing the fringe on my white Tencel scarf. I love the drape and shine of this scarf. Later in the afternoon I warped up my 12" Ashford Knitters Loom again, this time with a 15 dent per inch heddle, to weave some fabric for a new bag. Photos to follow.

Bob has been very busy ticking items off the "to-do list" Kristen had for him. This is our last full week here and there's lots left we want to do. It will be a good week.

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