Friday, August 12, 2016

Second Blogiversary

Two years (and 458 posts) ago, I started writing this blog with this post. We were in the process of fixing up and selling our home after having divested ourselves of most of our belongings. It was a scary time...would anyone buy our house? Could we live happily on the road? Yes! The journey continues and we love our lifestyle. We would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

It helps that we are able to spend time each summer with our children and their families, as well as visit siblings along the way. And our friends, too! We did not expect that we would be able to maintain our friendships as well as add wonderful new friends to our lives. Such a joy.

This week we were able to visit our friends Joan and John at their lovely home in Doylestown, PA. We had a lovely visit and marvelous meal, despite the high humidity and temperatures that are oppressing this area of the country. I especially loved seeing Joan's East Coast weaving studio (she has another home with studio in Las Cruces, NM.)  I wish I had taken a photo! While we don't know where the road will lead us, if it's anywhere near Las Cruces we will be visiting them again there. And here on the East Coast as well.

With my Sunna Sampler Band off the loom, it was time to throw another warp on. I had picked up a cone of 10/2 Tencel at Webs Yarn Shop and had been planning a simple white-on-white scarf in 3/1 floats, a windowpane design. Here is the start of it, with a closeup of the pattern in the second photo.

Despite some tensioning issues caused by the inelasticity of Tencel, it is going quite smoothly. The warp is sett at 25 ends per inch, with doubled strands in each slot and hole and a single weft thread. A pattern stick aids in creating the pattern of floats.

Stay cool!

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