Friday, August 5, 2016

Annual Visit to Webs

For the past ten years or so, my sister, Cheryl and I have been going to Webs Yarn Store in Northampton, MA every summer. We look forward to this trip every year with great anticipation. If you are a fiber person and have never been to Webs, let me tell you that it is worth the trip.
It's difficult to capture the essence of this store in a single photograph. This shot shows the general space but does not capture the weaving room with many looms on display, the spinning area with floor models to play with and loads of beautiful fiber just waiting to be spun, or best of all, the warehouse in the back full of bargains. And this year we timed our trip just right because their annual Summer Sale was in full swing. Cher and I can spend hours here! I came home with some 5/2 cotton and a cone of 10/2 Tencel, both perfect to use with my new 15 dpi rigid heddles for my Ashford Sample-It Loom and Knitters Loom. I'm looking forward to throwing warps on them. 

Next to Webs is a little oil and vinegar shop called Ellie's Oils and Tasting Bar where we found a Peach White Balsamic Vinegar that tastes delicious splashed in a glass of water. About a quarter teaspoon in an 8 oz glass yields a delicate peach flavor without any vinegar taste. So good!

After working up an appetite, we had a lovely lunch at FitzWilly's on Main Street. My Cubano sandwich was excellent. Main Street has a nice selection of restaurants and you really cannot go wrong with any of them. I think that next year we may try and spend some time exploring the Northampton area--there seems to be a lot to see and do around here.

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