Friday, October 3, 2014

Last Day at Kristen's House

We spent our first day without a house to care for running errands and rearranging things in the motorhome so they would fit better.  Bob and I decided not to leave until tomorrow, so we still had to mark reservations at a campground somewhere.  After some internet surfing I found one about an hour from Gettysburg, PA that was reasonably priced and was not too far away.  We booked it for a week and may extend our stay an extra week if we like it.

We had given our gas grill to Kristen and Jason during the move.  Since they had no experience grilling, we decided to have a cookout last night.  Kristen and I picked up the fixin's for burgers and salad, with pineapple and mango salsa on the side.  Bob helped Jason work the grill and together they did a fine job--it was yummy!

After dinner the boys had fun "visiting" Grandma and Pop in the motorhome.  We are going to miss those guys!

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