Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mercersburg and Gettysburg

We took a drive yesterday to the local McDonald's to upload yesterday's blog post.  However, I thought Bob had the bag full of computer and iPad and he thought I had it, so we missed our opportunity.  Instead we took a walk through the town of Mercersburg to see what we could see.  Here's the house where James Buchanan grew up.

I had noticed when we first drove through town that between the houses on the main street there were alleys, and they were all named.  This intrigued me, so when we stopped to chat with one of the two full time police officers outside the police station I asked him why the alleys had been named.  He told us that only a few years ago the town had decided to name the alleys to make it easier for police and fire departments to respond to 911 calls.  Plus, he noted, the alleys actually serve as addresses for people whose front doors are located off the alleys.  I discovered later when I looked up homes for sale in the area that many of the beautiful and historic homes in town have been converted to condominiums. Somehow, that is sad.

Our weekend was very nice.  Saturday was a relaxing and reading day for me, while Bob fixed the broken cabinet door.  He did a great job, of course!

On Sunday Bob and I took a trip out to Gettysburg, PA to walk around.  We had been been out there two years ago with our oldest grandson for a camping trip, and we enjoyed the history that abounds there.  Because we had Auggie with us this time we were limited in what we could do, so we stopped at the Chamber of Commerce and picked up a brochure describing the Civil War era houses in town.  Boy, there were a lot of them! Gettysburg has managed to keep a multitude of historic homes, and they all have a story.

Here is Bob hanging out with President Lincoln and some other guy.  Forgot to get his name.

I really love this little part of Appalachia.

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